I'm Getting Married by Marilyn Levinson

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Hedy is recovering from her devastating breakup with Robert. She likes her new job and the people she works with. Then, Robert calls to say he's getting married and wants to see her before he ties the knot. Flummoxed by the announcement, she refuses and tells Robert she's getting married, too. Robert's not one to be put off, and insists that he come to see her. Hedy's boss, Allen, offers to pretend to be her fiancée to get Robert to go away. The situation gets even more complicated after Allen kisses her and Hedy accepts a date with Robert. Finally realizing what's best for her, Hedy decides to firmly take her future in her hands. A short story.


Hedy started working for the Gerringer brothers right after Robert left. The office soon became a second home. Hedy told Dottie all about Robert. She gathered confidence and strength from Dottie’s outrage on her behalf. Now it’s only natural to tell Dottie about Robert’s latest call.

“The nerve!” Dottie exclaims as she shifts her massive weight in her heavy-duty chair. “Calling to say he’s getting married, after all the grief he’s caused you.”

Hedy bites her lip. “That’s what I can’t understand. Robert wasn’t gloating. He said he wanted to see me.”

Dottie fixes her dark, beady eyes on Hedy. “Of course you told him what you thought of that!”

Hedy’s voice sinks to a whisper. “I told him I was getting married, too.”

Kim, crouched before an open file cabinet, tosses back her golden mane and lets out a joyful neigh. “Good for you, Hedy! That got him where it hurts.”

“It did,” Hedy admits. “But why does he want to see me if he’s getting married? Doesn’t he realize how insulting that is to me?”

Kim tucks a folder under her arm and rises gracefully to her full height of six feet. “He’s scared,” she says. She drops the folder on Dottie’s desk then perches on the corner of Hedy’s.

“Scared of what?” Hedy asks.

“Of getting married. Wondering if he made a mistake by not marrying you.”

“Oh.” Hedy feels her face redden, both at the thought that Robert may still care and that Kim can assess the situation so easily.

“Hedy, don’t you go and get any ideas,” Dottie warns. “He left you like a thief in the night, and now he’s two-timing this Michelle.”

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