Mrs. Jingles by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

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Cassie humors her fragile sister, Mia, who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, by purchasing two Harlequin dolls at a local antique store. The two dolls, one light-haired and the other dark, are a matching pair—like sisters!

Sibling rivalries from childhood begin to surface, as well as jealousy over Jason, who has married Mia, but was once Cassie’s boyfriend. Cassie soon fears for her life when she receives a disturbing phone call in the eerie voice of Mrs. Jingles, her sister's doll. Is the toy bent on revenge for a sister scorned, or is Cassie about to encounter something even more sinister in the form of someone she's loved for years? A short story.


Mia called Cassie up the next morning, asking “How’s Jezebel?”

“Fine,” Cassie replied with a laugh. “But she complains that she’s lonely. She needs a boyfriend. How’s Mrs. Jingles?”

“Mrs. Jingles wants a new dress,” Mia said in an odd, petulant voice, “but hubby says no. Unless he gets that raise, we have to economize. So there won’t be any pretty new clothes for Mrs. Jingles.”

When they were growing up, Cassie and Mia had whiled away long summer evenings making up plays, stories, and fantasies, often mimicking the voices of princesses, fairies, and trolls. Mia had loved dolls, and had always named them, imbued them with a distinct personality, and sometimes made up funny little voices to go with them. Cassie had become a willing participant in this child’s play, which gave Mia so much pleasure. Even now, when they were alone, they sometimes amused themselves by speaking in the voices of some stuffed animal or cartoon figure long-since cast aside.

“Well, you tell Jezebel that I’ll be on the lookout for a man for her,” Mia said, assuming her natural voice.

“And you tell Mr. Jingles not to be so stingy!”

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